Our Precious Little One

Family and Friends: We are pleased to announce that Cody and Jessica are expecting a precious child. We are very excited and feel that this is the best way to keep everyone in touch with all the new and exciting baby news! Thank you for all of the love and support through the years and as we begin this adventure on starting our new family together.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So we went to the Dr today... we were having a little bit of pain and issues but everything looks great! The baby is great and really active we did another ultrasound and it actually looks like a baby! We heard the heartbeat for the first time it was so fast and amazing! We are thrilled that everything is going to be ok! Thank you for all of the love and support! 7 weeks and we will find out the Sex of the baby and then its Name time!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This week has been a little rough... I have been super sick and irritated but I have hope that it does come to an end here in the next few weeks... We are now 10 weeks along and cant wait for us to hit 4 1/2 months so that we can find out what we are having.... We are still super excited and cant wait for the time to fly by so we can meet our little one... We appreciate all of the love and the support from our family and friends! We love you all very much!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

First Ultrasound!

So we just got home from the Dr. And they said that we are officially due Jan 10th 2011. The baby looks good it has a heart beat of about 120 they said and everything seems to be going well. We are so excited and cant wait to know the sex of the baby but we have a long way to go. Today we are about 6 weeks and 4 days so we thought we were a little ahead of that but its alright. Jessica is just ready for the sickness to go away and Cody is ready for it too... We will update everyone as time progresses!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

*BaBy NaMeS*

So this morning we woke up and Cody of course is playing video games and I(jessica) am looking up baby names online... Everyone in Cody's family has a name that starts with a C or a K making the Kuh sounds our how ever you say it. So its extremely hard to find a name everyone has a name and our baby we want to do the same with... Any suggestions we would be pleased to know! We dont know what were having and I know its early but I am a planner and I like to have everything planned out a head of time! I guess its time to go buy a baby book and start really looking!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our first ultrasound is Thursday May 20th. We are very excited to see exactly how far along we are... Right now our due date is around Jan 1,2011. We are still thinking of names both boy and girl names. Suggestions are always welcome. We have plenty of time to choose